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Gutters - Chapo Construction

Does your house need gutters?

If you have never considered a rain gutter or downspout for your home then now is a good time to do so. Although gutters and downspouts are on the top of a house, they are actually quite critical to the bottom of the house – the foundation. This is because if the foundation of your home is constantly wet and soggy, it can become the perfect place for the growth of mold and mildew. Water can also lead to wet basements and crawlspaces, concrete damage, ground erosion and damage to the home’s foundation. Water can also wash away the soil which provides support for the structure leaving it without adequate support.


​Some homeowners would be astonished to learn that water is damaging their home. Rain that is constantly falling off a roof and settling around the foundation of a home can have an incredibly negative long-term effect. This is why it is important that homeowners have working gutters and downspouts installed on their homes and take care of gutter repairs and gutter replacements to existing ones if they are needed.



Chapo Construction Company offers the following Gutter and Downspout Services:

Gutter Repairs: Don't let leaks or damage ruin your home's protection. Our experts provide fast and reliable repairs to keep your gutters functioning properly.

Gutter Installation: Invest in a high-quality gutter system that effectively channels water away from your home. We install gutters customized for your needs. 

Gutter Downspouts: Ensure optimal water flow with properly sized and positioned downspouts. We'll help you select the best downspouts to complement your gutter system.

Seamless Gutter Replacement: Minimize leaks and enhance the visual appeal of your home with seamless gutters. We offer seamless gutter replacement for a sleek and durable solution.



Gutters - Chapo Construction

​Gutter and downspout maintenance and repair is therefore necessary to preserving many parts to your home. If something looks out of place then take the corrective action by contacting the professionals at Chapo Construction Company so that we may undertake the work that is necessary to repair your gutters. As a precautionary measure, you should always inspect the outside of your home after a heavy rainfall. During this inspection you should be looking for: water that is standing in one place or unnecessary moisture that is going back towards the foundation. If you find anything suspicious during your inspection then do not hesitate to give our gutter experts a call.

The Process

The process of channeling water around a home and then away from it is supported by a healthy rain gutter and downspout. In fact gutters and downspouts are critical for this process to happen. During periods of heavy rains, gutters hold the water and take it to the downspouts. The downspouts will then move it away from the structure. As important as it is to have a rain gutter and downspout installed in your home, it is also equally important that they be maintained. Gutters should always be kept unclogged. Homeowners must ensure that their gutters are not clogged by leaves, that they are not disconnected in any locations, and that they are not pulling away from the house. Gutters should be checked on a regular basis, so that any issues discovered can be corrected as fast as possible.

Don’t leave the foundation of your home to chance. Give us a call if you don’t have a rain gutter and downspout installed, or if you suspect that your existing gutter and downspout is in need of repairs.


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